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Silhouette Sunday – Map Art

24 Jun

Silhouette Sunday whoop whoop! I love my silhouette so so much. Have I told you guys that before? I actually tell it that every time I use it. And maybe give it a little kiss too. What? Is that weird?

Today I’m going to share my map art project! It was super easy with the help of my beloved machine.




Scotch 3M quick dry adhesive

Coordinating pattern papers

Pins (for marking the map when you are done)

I used my map USA cut file which cuts each state individually. I just alternated the different papers so that the different patterns would be somewhat random and more fun to look at. After the cutting was done I just applied the map to my canvas with my 3M adhesive. It’s that simple, really!


I decided to put a key on my canvas for the different colors of pins we are going to use. We are marking places where we have been together and separately. Should be fun to watch the map fill up from our travels!



Silhouette Sunday – Chevron Wall Art

11 Mar

Hi. I’m Sarah and I am a chevron addict.

I can’t get enough of it. I love it on clothes, pillows, paper, EVERYWHERE! I feel like it has just enough sass to keep things interesting. With that said, I don’t have it anywhere. I spend hours dreaming of curtains, pillows …even walls splashed with that awesome design but I haven’t had the time or cash flow to incorporate it. Our little home was in need of some serious chevron lovin’. On a budget of course.


Canvas (I found mine at Walmart in a 2 pack for $9)



Silhouette (you could also use an exacto knife to create the design if you don’t have an electronic cutter)

I found a great chevron design on the Silhouette online store that I knew I could find many uses for. In fact it was one of my very first purchases after I received my machine. Imagine that. I simply measured how big I wanted my design and cut the correct amount. 

Then all I did was measure off my canvas to make sure everything would be straight – actually my Mom did this step because I’m terrible at making sure anything is straight.

Next we glued the paper down with my 3M liquid glue.

This glue is great. I highly recommend it for projects that you need some heavy-duty sticking.


FINALLY, I have some chevron goodness to look at everyday. And on the cheap!


Linked up over at Tatertots&Jello!

Team Spirit Wreath

15 Feb

Okay so at our house things get a little complicated when it comes to college football and basketball. Joe and I met at The University of Kansas and both had the best experience there. We are first and foremost Jayhawk fans but we have to support the Oklahoma State Cowboys also since it is where Joe ended up transferring to and graduating from.

I have seen some really cute wreaths out there that show off your team colors. I am a big fan of that sort of thing so I knew I had to make one for KU and one for OSU. I decided to make a football season wreath sporting the Oklahoma State colors and we had it up all season. The cowboys had a great season this year so maybe my super cute wreath was good luck?!

It was so simple to make its almost embarrassing. I didn’t take photos while I was throwing it together but it took about 15 minutes from start to finish.


3 different types of ribbon

Wreath ( I got mine from the dollar store)



Hot glue gun

Sticks from the yard (ha no I’m not kidding)

I just wrapped my wreath first with the wide ribbon then tacked it down with hot glue in certain spots that wouldn’t show. I continued this with the rest of my ribbon wrapping it to make sure the patterned ribbon would show and the solid served as more of a background.

I then cut two pennants out of cardstock and decorated them with my stickers. My sticks were used to hold my pennants up. I used hot glue on the backside to hold them in place.

Go Pokes!


Silhouette Sunday!

12 Feb

Hello Friends!

I have been neglecting the poor ol blog a bit lately because I have been quite busy playing with my new toy! I have been experimenting with all of the different settings and trying to figure out my way around the software that comes with the Silhouette Cameo!

I have quite the to do list when it comes to all of the different things I would like to make using my Silhouette. I have used it plenty for scrapbooking already but would also like to use it for different crafts around the home. Today I decided it was time to try my hand at making a decorative pillow. Using my silhouette to cut the stencil out of freezer paper to try to save a little cash. Eventually I would love to purchase the fabric ink starter kit from Silhouette to see how the vinyl works opposed to the freezer paper.


Freezer paper ($3.19 for 75 feet!)

Fabric paint

Sponge brush


Silhouette (If you don’t have an electronic cutter you could use an exacto knife)

Tips for cutting freezer paper with the Silhouette Cameo:

  • Vellum cut settings work great with the freezer paper.
  • Apply your freezer paper shiny side up.
  • Flip your text so when you apply it to your fabric it will read correctly.
  • Slowly peel the freezer paper off of your mat as not to tear it.

When you peel the paper off of the mat it will curl up. Don’t worry! When you iron it to your fabric it will be just fine. Iron the paper shiny side down so it creates a seal on the fabric and becomes your fabulous cost efficient stencil. Make sure to iron all of the little pieces down to that your lines will be nice and crisp.

Get busy painting and make sure you stick something under the layer of fabric because your fabric paint will bleed through. Wait until the paint is nice and dry then peel your stencil off! Thats the exciting part!

(I’m still working on my stenciling technique a bit so it isn’t perfect but I do like how it turned out!)

Have a good week! 🙂

Thumbtack Wreath Tutorial

11 Jan

I saw this amazing thumbtack wreath on Pinterest a while back and fell in love with it. I knew it had to be mine! I decided to be brave and make it a little larger then the one I saw. It turned out better then I could have ever expected!


Thumbtacks (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

Wreath form

Pretty Ribbon

I had to make several trips to Dollar Tree for this project. If you think you have purchased enough tacks, you haven’t. Go buy 3 more boxes. And maybe 3 more after that.

I simply layered the tacks around the wreath. This takes a LONG time. The end result is worth it though. Just put on your sweats and turn on your favorite trashy reality TV show. Hello Sunday afternoon!

I absolutely adore the texture that this wreath provides. I was a little unsure about using the gold but I made this wreath during the fall season and thought it was a nice way to bring in some of those gorgeous fall colors. I have played with the idea of putting a large hurricane in the center and making it a centerpiece. I will post pictures if I ever get around to actually doing it.

The final product is very very heavy so make sure your wreath hanger is secure. What a fun way to bring color and texture into your home!