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Silhouette Sunday – Map Art

24 Jun

Silhouette Sunday whoop whoop! I love my silhouette so so much. Have I told you guys that before? I actually tell it that every time I use it. And maybe give it a little kiss too. What? Is that weird?

Today I’m going to share my map art project! It was super easy with the help of my beloved machine.




Scotch 3M quick dry adhesive

Coordinating pattern papers

Pins (for marking the map when you are done)

I used my map USA cut file which cuts each state individually. I just alternated the different papers so that the different patterns would be somewhat random and more fun to look at. After the cutting was done I just applied the map to my canvas with my 3M adhesive. It’s that simple, really!


I decided to put a key on my canvas for the different colors of pins we are going to use. We are marking places where we have been together and separately. Should be fun to watch the map fill up from our travels!



Getting back into the swing of things.

29 May

Hello Friends! How was your holiday weekend? Mine was great. Filled with movies, date nights, family time, sweat pants and lots of scrapbooking! I really love to scrapbook but hadn’t been doing it all that often until a few weeks ago.  I have been very inspired recently by all sorts of beautiful layouts and products. So I just pulled all of my supplies out, made my house a total mess and got back into the swing. It is so fun and feels so good to be making these pages with my own two hands. Super relaxing.

I am currently trying to figure out the best way to photograph my pages so please hang in there with me while I share some of my not so great photos.  Any tips would be appreciated!





Stay tuned for more layouts and improved photos of them! 🙂

Silhouette Sunday – Gift Basket

25 Mar

Hello friends!

I have decided that I will continue doing Silhouette Sunday but maybe not as often. I have been skipping a few Sundays here and there and will probably keep doing it that way. This way if my Sunday is filled with laundry and movies…I won’t feel so guilty. It’s supposed to be fun, right?

Today I’m going to share with you a super cute gift idea. I used my baby (my silhouette..) to make all sorts of adorable gift tags which made this a really personal and thoughtful gift. The best part is..it’s really fun to put together!

I love buying gifts for my guy but he is so tough to shop for. I needed something small but thoughtful and immediately I thought gift basket! I don’t care who you are, you love getting a gift basket. So I filled it with all of his favorite snacks and added perfectly dorky sayings. I think the tags really spruce it up and it was so easy to make them using my silhouette.

He loved it!

Have a wonderful week…oh and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Silhouette Sunday – Chevron Wall Art

11 Mar

Hi. I’m Sarah and I am a chevron addict.

I can’t get enough of it. I love it on clothes, pillows, paper, EVERYWHERE! I feel like it has just enough sass to keep things interesting. With that said, I don’t have it anywhere. I spend hours dreaming of curtains, pillows …even walls splashed with that awesome design but I haven’t had the time or cash flow to incorporate it. Our little home was in need of some serious chevron lovin’. On a budget of course.


Canvas (I found mine at Walmart in a 2 pack for $9)



Silhouette (you could also use an exacto knife to create the design if you don’t have an electronic cutter)

I found a great chevron design on the Silhouette online store that I knew I could find many uses for. In fact it was one of my very first purchases after I received my machine. Imagine that. I simply measured how big I wanted my design and cut the correct amount. 

Then all I did was measure off my canvas to make sure everything would be straight – actually my Mom did this step because I’m terrible at making sure anything is straight.

Next we glued the paper down with my 3M liquid glue.

This glue is great. I highly recommend it for projects that you need some heavy-duty sticking.


FINALLY, I have some chevron goodness to look at everyday. And on the cheap!


Linked up over at Tatertots&Jello!

Silhouette Sunday!

26 Feb

Today I’m going to share another page from our love story Smash Book. I promise to have something else for you guys next week. If you missed my other posts about my Smash Book you can find them here, here and here.

I love using my Silhouette for all sorts of projects but incorporating it in my scrapbooking makes life so much easier! The creative possibilities are endless. I normally would be scrambling to find the right letter for my titles, or typing them with my computer but now I can make all sorts of things that I never would have been able to make before! 

(Don’t worry the glue peeking out from behind the letters will dry clear 🙂 )

The text on this page was actually free already in my library on Silhouette Studio. Can’t beat that! Have a great Monday…oh and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!