Getting back into the swing of things.

29 May

Hello Friends! How was your holiday weekend? Mine was great. Filled with movies, date nights, family time, sweat pants and lots of scrapbooking! I really love to scrapbook but hadn’t been doing it all that often until a few weeks ago.  I have been very inspired recently by all sorts of beautiful layouts and products. So I just pulled all of my supplies out, made my house a total mess and got back into the swing. It is so fun and feels so good to be making these pages with my own two hands. Super relaxing.

I am currently trying to figure out the best way to photograph my pages so please hang in there with me while I share some of my not so great photos.  Any tips would be appreciated!





Stay tuned for more layouts and improved photos of them! 🙂


Resolutions: An Update

22 May

Every year on December 31 I make all sorts of big resolutions. And this year I am actually holding myself accountable for them. That’s right, I’m even following up on the blog so that all of YOU can hold me accountable for them too. I am so happy to report that I have been working on most of my resolutions that I made for 2012. You can read that post here.


Ok, so here it goes, a peek into my progress almost halfway in:

Lose 20 lbs. – This resolution haunts me every year. Especially as I get older, and that darn metabolism of mine just isn’t doing it on its own anymore. I am so so happy to report that I have lost 17 pounds since March and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It feels so good to be making some progress in this department. Woohoo!

Do something creative once a week. – This resolution seems quite easy and really is most of the time. However, when life gets busy I find it more of a task. Whether it’s working on a project or making plans for a new one I am really finding genuine happiness from this resolution. I love being creative. I have also made plans to begin Project Life after my birthday. Documenting my 25th year. And maybe if it sticks I will end up documenting many other ages in that format also. If you’ve never heard of Project Life check it out here. I will still continue to work on my regular scrapbooks but will document each week in PL. It’s a little intimidating but also very interesting. I’ll keep you updated!

Visit a new place. – Haven’t made any progress on this one yet. Hoping to plan something in the next few months.

Learn to knit. – Hahaha. This one is kind of a joke around here. I was so determined to knit until about.. January 7. Then I gave up. I would still love to learn and have learned some of the basics. We will see how this one pans out before 2013.

Be happy. – Check

How are you doing with your resolutions and goals for 2012?

Mother’s Day DIY

11 May

*Spoiler Alert* – Mom stop reading now and don’t come back to my blog until after Mother’s Day! I do have to note that this will greatly effect the traffic to my blog since my Mom is pretty much my only reader. Just kidding…I know I have about 3 others who visit. I love you 3 other readers.

Ok on to the DIY! I really enjoy the look of art and photos on canvas. I think it is a great alternative to a frame and looks nice when hung on the wall or propped up in a stand. I decided it would be fun to whip up a small canvas for my Mom for Mother’s Day. I wanted something meaningful but a little more sophisticated. I guess my hand prints just won’t do the trick…too old?

I chose a 5×5 canvas because I thought it could go anywhere. Perfect size for a table top or would look great hanging in some sort of grouping on the wall. I picked the grey chevron well because it’s chevron. Duh.  I chose that quote because it is so special to us. Of course I have read the children’s book that it’s from, but I mostly remember my Mom just saying that to me. Or singing it when I was young. Even still when I’m having one of those days she will sometimes reply to all of my complaints and grumpiness with those words.

It is extremely easy to put together. I just cut my paper to size, dry brushed a little acrylic paint to the canvas and applied the chevron then the quote. The glue I use for applying anything to canvas is my 3M Scotch quick-dry adhesive. It is great for these kinds of projects. I have used it when applying a photo to a canvas and it didn’t damage or effect the photo quality at all.

I think this would look fabulous in a nursery or children’s bedroom. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend!

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A Birthday Shout-out & A Summer Wreath!

10 May

First order of business, I have to wish my best friend a very happy birthday. She lives 1,600 miles away and I miss her dearly. She is fantastic and what a true friend really is. Challey is one of those lifelong friends that you can call anytime night or day and no matter how ridiculous you are being she will have your back. I’ve been lucky enough to have her in my life for over 11 years and we have been through many growing pains together. I hope you have a fabulous birthday Challey. I love you!

I feel like such a nerd because I absolutely love to make wreaths. I love it and I don’t care who knows it. I wanted to make a fun wreath for summer on the CHEAP. It’s a common theme most of my projects have. I’m not going to do a tutorial on this because it is very simple. I loved how it turned out so I had to share. Oh and my total cost was $1!! I used a wreath form from the dollar store and cardstock I already owned to make the flowers and banner with my silhouette. If you have one I would highly recommend purchasing the 3D Gerber daisy flower file. It is SO cute. What do you think? Simple…but fun, right?


4 May

I am little embarrassed to admit how much time I spend “pinning”. Last summer I was chatting with my bestie on the phone and she happened to mention this website called Pinterest and that she and all of her friends in California were really into it. I thought to myself  “Oh no, I don’t even know what that is. Is it another cool hip thing that only cool hip people who live in California know about and us Midwesterners will catch on in another year or so?” So of course I demanded details from her and promptly checked it out for myself. It is about a year later and now everyone knows about Pinterest. Old news. So why am I going on and on about this? Well because I’m obsessed. So why not share some of the cool finds I discover over there with you lovely people over here?

Here are some of my favorite pins as of late.





Reversible and monogrammed? Waaaaant.



This is so cute. Too bad I am horrible at doing my own hair. And I’m an adult woman (embarrassing).



Vertical salad garden. I so badly want to create one of these.



What a cute space. Small, functional and organized. Love it!



I am dying to make some subway art of my own. I love this one.



I am crazy over this framed gallery. So.Cute.



I recently discovered spaghetti squash and I LOVE it. I cannot wait to try this recipe.


Have a fabulous weekend! Don’t spend too much time pinned to the couch. Work on some pinteresting projects!  (ha ok enough with the pins…I mean puns..)