Resolutions: An Update

22 May

Every year on December 31 I make all sorts of big resolutions. And this year I am actually holding myself accountable for them. That’s right, I’m even following up on the blog so that all of YOU can hold me accountable for them too. I am so happy to report that I have been working on most of my resolutions that I made for 2012. You can read that post here.


Ok, so here it goes, a peek into my progress almost halfway in:

Lose 20 lbs. – This resolution haunts me every year. Especially as I get older, and that darn metabolism of mine just isn’t doing it on its own anymore. I am so so happy to report that I have lost 17 pounds since March and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. It feels so good to be making some progress in this department. Woohoo!

Do something creative once a week. – This resolution seems quite easy and really is most of the time. However, when life gets busy I find it more of a task. Whether it’s working on a project or making plans for a new one I am really finding genuine happiness from this resolution. I love being creative. I have also made plans to begin Project Life after my birthday. Documenting my 25th year. And maybe if it sticks I will end up documenting many other ages in that format also. If you’ve never heard of Project Life check it out here. I will still continue to work on my regular scrapbooks but will document each week in PL. It’s a little intimidating but also very interesting. I’ll keep you updated!

Visit a new place. – Haven’t made any progress on this one yet. Hoping to plan something in the next few months.

Learn to knit. – Hahaha. This one is kind of a joke around here. I was so determined to knit until about.. January 7. Then I gave up. I would still love to learn and have learned some of the basics. We will see how this one pans out before 2013.

Be happy. – Check

How are you doing with your resolutions and goals for 2012?


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