Silhouette Sunday!

12 Feb

Hello Friends!

I have been neglecting the poor ol blog a bit lately because I have been quite busy playing with my new toy! I have been experimenting with all of the different settings and trying to figure out my way around the software that comes with the Silhouette Cameo!

I have quite the to do list when it comes to all of the different things I would like to make using my Silhouette. I have used it plenty for scrapbooking already but would also like to use it for different crafts around the home. Today I decided it was time to try my hand at making a decorative pillow. Using my silhouette to cut the stencil out of freezer paper to try to save a little cash. Eventually I would love to purchase the fabric ink starter kit from Silhouette to see how the vinyl works opposed to the freezer paper.


Freezer paper ($3.19 for 75 feet!)

Fabric paint

Sponge brush


Silhouette (If you don’t have an electronic cutter you could use an exacto knife)

Tips for cutting freezer paper with the Silhouette Cameo:

  • Vellum cut settings work great with the freezer paper.
  • Apply your freezer paper shiny side up.
  • Flip your text so when you apply it to your fabric it will read correctly.
  • Slowly peel the freezer paper off of your mat as not to tear it.

When you peel the paper off of the mat it will curl up. Don’t worry! When you iron it to your fabric it will be just fine. Iron the paper shiny side down so it creates a seal on the fabric and becomes your fabulous cost efficient stencil. Make sure to iron all of the little pieces down to that your lines will be nice and crisp.

Get busy painting and make sure you stick something under the layer of fabric because your fabric paint will bleed through. Wait until the paint is nice and dry then peel your stencil off! Thats the exciting part!

(I’m still working on my stenciling technique a bit so it isn’t perfect but I do like how it turned out!)

Have a good week! 🙂


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