SMASH Book – Our Love Story

24 Jan

After much thought I decided to use my pink SMASH Book to record the love story between Joe and I. I am using it the way you would a regular scrapbook or chipboard album but I am trying to journal more and make good use of the pages in the book. I decided the pink book was a good fit because it has a sweet look to it.

I am loving using the pages included as my jumping off point. Some I’m embellishing, some I’m covering almost completely and others I am leaving blank. The paper included is fun and gives me a chance to scrapbook in a whole different way.

I am so torn on whether or not I think it’s easier to do it this way. Part of me says YES! The papers included and style of the book helps guide you and takes the pressure off. While the other part of me says NO! It is a brand new way of scrapbooking which is exciting but I’m finding it hard to utilize all of the freedom it gives me.

I am loving making this book. It is so fun and I’m really enjoying the anything goes vibe of the SMASH Book. Here are a few pages I have worked on. Stay tuned for more!


P.S. Wouldn’t this be a GREAT Valentine’s Day gift for someone?


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