Thumbtack Wreath Tutorial

11 Jan

I saw this amazing thumbtack wreath on Pinterest a while back and fell in love with it. I knew it had to be mine! I decided to be brave and make it a little larger then the one I saw. It turned out better then I could have ever expected!


Thumbtacks (I got mine from Dollar Tree)

Wreath form

Pretty Ribbon

I had to make several trips to Dollar Tree for this project. If you think you have purchased enough tacks, you haven’t. Go buy 3 more boxes. And maybe 3 more after that.

I simply layered the tacks around the wreath. This takes a LONG time. The end result is worth it though. Just put on your sweats and turn on your favorite trashy reality TV show. Hello Sunday afternoon!

I absolutely adore the texture that this wreath provides. I was a little unsure about using the gold but I made this wreath during the fall season and thought it was a nice way to bring in some of those gorgeous fall colors. I have played with the idea of putting a large hurricane in the center and making it a centerpiece. I will post pictures if I ever get around to actually doing it.

The final product is very very heavy so make sure your wreath hanger is secure. What a fun way to bring color and texture into your home!


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