2011 Year In Review

31 Dec

I love the year in review lists that pop up towards the end of December. I think it is so fun to take a little stroll down memory lane from the past year and see what sticks out in my mind. I found some fun Top 5 lists for 2011 via Yahoo! Did you jump on the Charlie Sheen craze? Or become obsessed with the Royal Wedding?


1. iPhone

2. Casey Anthony

3. Kim Kardashian (Really?!)

4. Katy Perry

5. Jennifer Lopez

 News Stories:

1. Casey Anthony Trial

2. Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

3. Royal Wedding

4. Death of Osama bin Laden

5. Unemployment


1. Charlie Sheen

2. The Rapture

3. “Friday” (Rebecca Black)

4. Mortgage Rates

5. Extreme Couponing

Ok so I have to admit I got sucked in by more then one of those things listed above. Ah, what can you do?  Below i have listed my 2011 in review. This one really flew by.

1. Getting a place with the boyfriend

2. Visiting Seattle

3. Cross-Country road trip (from Seattle to Kansas)

4. Challey’s visit to Kansas

5. The Hopper Wedding


7. Countless sporting events

8. Scoring an awesome job

I don’t have a picture of this. But it really is awesome.

9. Rediscovering my creative side

10. Spending time and sharing laughter with loved ones

I have had a great 2011 with family and friends all in good health. What else really matters?

Happy New Year.


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