The Lori Tree

18 Dec

This year I don’t have a full sized Christmas tree. It is the first year this has happened. EVER. It makes me a little sad since I really enjoy all of the hoopla around decorating the tree and of course looking at it for a month. The real reason it makes me sad though is because it is the tree that I had hauled around to all of my apartments and the one that we used in our home when I was a child. Our very close family friend Lori had given it to us one year and it had been put up ever since. When my mom decided to go for a different look I was given the “Lori tree”. Lori passed away 4 years ago and this was always an opportunity for me to remember her. Don’t get me wrong, I remember her a lot. And often find myself thinking about what she would say or the advice she would be giving me. It was just a great reminder every year of her and her presence in my life. I also have many memories decorating it with family and 3 different sets of roommates throughout college.

Much to my sadness the tree got left behind. I can’t remember if the last time we moved we had decided it was time to let the tree go or simply forgotten to grab it out of storage before the move. I am coming to grips with losing the “Lori tree” and now sitting here writing this, I realize that it wasn’t the tree I am so sad to have left behind. It is just one of those things that makes you feel closer to someone you love who is now gone.

Lori was an amazing woman. She was so incredibly generous and loved my brother and I as if we were her own. She was my moms best friend through many years and like an aunt to me. She never ever missed a birthday, holiday or important event. She was so very thoughtful and you could always count on her. I can still hear her laughter. We were so lucky to have had a friend like her. I am sad my “Lori tree” is gone but feel so grateful for all of the memories it has given me. 


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