Phonebook Wreath

13 Nov

Happy Sunday! I have been feeling extra crafty lately. I think I may have a problem. In the past week I have had my metallic spray paint out, mod podge used up, glue stick stash emptied and all on different projects!

I think the antique shops Joe and I checked out this weekend left me feeling inspired. We hit up all of the vintage antique shops in the West Bottoms and had so much fun! I left empty-handed which was a bit of a bummer but had many ideas swirling in my head by the time we got home.

I have seen several different kinds of book page wreaths as well as sheet music wreaths out there. I think they are very pretty and have great texture but look a little tricky to make. After seeing some this weekend I knew I had to try to make one myself! I spent a few minutes poking around on pintrest and saw this:

I fell in love.

So I immediately pulled out my dusty old phonebook and glue gun and got busy! I already had all of the supplies on hand to make this which made me love it even more! I followed the tutorial on  for the most part. My technique ended up being slightly unique, after rolling phonebook pages for hours you start to just go with what is comfortable instead of perfect.

It took me quite a while to get in a groove. Then I got tired and went to bed. So the next day it took me a little while to get going again but once I did I couldn’t stop. It was so fun seeing this nearly free project come together.

Pin It

Mine looks a little different from the inspiration but thats okay, I love it! I love the texture, colors and the fact that it has letters and numbers all over it.

Here it is hanging proudly in my little nook in the bedroom! Can you believe that used to be a phonebook?!


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