Jewelry Organizer On The CHEAP!

4 Nov

I have been seeing all sorts of creative ways to display and organize jewelry lately. Which inspired me to get my act together! I knew I had to figure something out because my tangled messes of jewels were not getting worn for several reasons: I didn’t want to deal with it, forgotten I had a certain piece or didn’t know where I had stashed it away to. My goal was to make something that was cute enough that I could display in the bathroom and make it as cheap as possible! I found this frame at a vintage antique store in KC called Good Ju Ju  for $10! I painted it with a metallic acrylic paint that I found at Walmart. I did several coats to make sure I covered all of the little nooks and crannies. Originally I had planned on using some sort of wire for the backing like I had seen in so many other places. I decided to scratch that plan and stick to the cheap cheap cheap theme of this project and used a sheet of decorative scrapbook paper to cover the original backing that came with the frame. Once I was done with that I decided to use cup hooks to hold my goods. I simply screwed them into the backing right through the paper. I then embellished it a little with a flower and ribbon I already owned. Very easy project that I use daily! And only for…drumroll please……$15! Pin It


One Response to “Jewelry Organizer On The CHEAP!”

  1. mkminshullMona November 4, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    Love this!

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