I have a confession to make…

1 Nov

I am a 24 year old worrywart. I am constantly worrying about all things. It doesn’t matter how mundane or serious, I am worried.

I worry that my alarm clock won’t go off in the morning.
I worry that my car won’t start.
I worry that I will lose my job due to the latter.
I worry that I will get into an accident.
That people I love will get into accidents.
I worry how I will handle losing those I love.
I worry about leaving my hair straightener, the stove, and all lights on.

I worry about EVERYTHING.

When I put it all out there it seems crazy. Like really crazy.

And that worries me…

I am pretty sure I have always been this way. I guess it’s my way of processing the world. Preparing myself just in case. Luckily, those around me are incredibly patient when it comes to this.

However, in the midst of all of these worries, I have to remember to stop, take a look around and be there. In that moment. When I do, it always pays off. I have been taking some time for me lately to just enjoy myself. Whether it’s walking around a craft store alone for a while or going outside on a beautiful day and getting lost in a new neighborhood. It’s fun and incredibly therapeutic. It feels a little selfish when your to-do list is growing, but do it. You will be glad you did.


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