Project Life – Week 1

29 Oct

Hello Hello!

I am so sorry I have been neglecting this little space of mine. Life sure gets busy and I have always told myself that I want this blog to be fun, and the minute it becomes a chore it isn’t what it’s supposed to be anymore. So I have been busy studying, working, crafting and spending good quality time with family and friends. I hope you all have been doing the same!

I want to share something today that is so fun for me and really changing the way I’m looking at my day to day routines. Lets start from the beginning… Around January I saw this thing called Project Life popping up all over Pinterest. I had to know more. So I did some digging and found out that one of my favorite creative people, Becky Higgins has created a super simple way to document your life in beautiful way. Project life can be anything you want it to be. You make it work for you. I decided I wanted to document my 25th year and knew project life was the answer. I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since. I love this project!

What is project life? To me project life is a way to document the big and little stories that make us who we are. I love this project because I love taking photos and actually using them. With Project Life you have the opportunity to document the big moments along with the day to day routines. This is my journal. This is my record about life right now. What a precious gift to myself and my family today and 20 years from now. 

Today I want to share with you my take on project life.

PL – Week One:

Well.. here is week one! It is fairly busy since it was my birthday week. On the left page I included photos from my birthday celebrations and gifts. I also cut part of the card that one of my favorite toddlers made me and stuck it in one of the 3×4 pockets. The insert that I included  features a blog post I did about turning 25 and my birthday cards.

I thought it would be fun to stick one of the scratchers I got in one of the pockets. I also included the card that came with flowers sent from Joe’s parents, a quote card and some photos from the fun week.

Thanks for taking a look. I am planning on rolling with this project. Doing some weeks as 2 page layouts, some as 1 page layouts. As long as I’m sticking with it I will be happy. I will post week 2 soon, I started in June and seeing as it’s October I have 20 weeks already done.

I love this project!


A few new layouts.

28 Jun

Hello friends! Wow it’s almost Friday! This week has been crazy busy and I’m excited to slow down next week and enjoy some time off with the boy. I wanted to pop in and share with you a few layouts I’ve been working on recently. I hope you enjoy! Have a good Friday!

p.s. If you guys ever have a chance to go to Top Pot doughnuts in Seattle you HAVE to go. And eat as much as you possibly can. They are life changing. If the apple fritter in the layout above doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will.

Silhouette Sunday – Map Art

24 Jun

Silhouette Sunday whoop whoop! I love my silhouette so so much. Have I told you guys that before? I actually tell it that every time I use it. And maybe give it a little kiss too. What? Is that weird?

Today I’m going to share my map art project! It was super easy with the help of my beloved machine.




Scotch 3M quick dry adhesive

Coordinating pattern papers

Pins (for marking the map when you are done)

I used my map USA cut file which cuts each state individually. I just alternated the different papers so that the different patterns would be somewhat random and more fun to look at. After the cutting was done I just applied the map to my canvas with my 3M adhesive. It’s that simple, really!


I decided to put a key on my canvas for the different colors of pins we are going to use. We are marking places where we have been together and separately. Should be fun to watch the map fill up from our travels!


Feels like summer.

21 Jun

Happy Happy summer! I hope that you have had a chance to play outside, sip on a cool beverage and stay up late. I love summer so much. I have  way more energy to do things during this lovely season and really love using my extra daylight.

In high school my Mom and I would stay up late scrapbooking. Some of my fondest memories are of us running to our favorite craft stores to grab a sheet of paper in my shorts and flip-flops right before close and going straight home to get to work! I have been very busy creating lately and am feeling extremely inspired. I think it’s a combination of the time of year and all of the gorgeous product floating around lately. I’m excited to share my projects with you!

Thanks for looking. Have a happy Friday!

Year 25.

8 Jun


This week I turned 25. I am a mix of emotions about this one. It feels kind of like a big deal but I know it isn’t a HUGE deal. I feel like this is the age where I thought I would really have it all together. I thought 25 would look different. I feel a sense of urgency to get my butt in gear because 25 sure snuck up on me and I’m sure 30 will do the same. So I have listed 25 things I hope to accomplish during year 25.

1. Read more. For fun.
2. Take more time to enjoy the moment.
3. Worry less.
4. Visit a new place.
5. Learn how to use my sewing machine better.
6. Continue living a healthy(ish) lifestyle.
7. Focus on happiness.
8. Avoid sweatpants.
9. Become more comfortable in my own skin.
10. Listen to more music.
11. Wear something from the back of my closet more often.
12. Reorganize our teeny tiny apartment.
13. Go to the doctor for a physical.
14. Be kind.
15. Tackle project life.
16. Send more packages to friends.
17. Participate in a 5k.
18. Play more.
19. Use more coupons.
20. Take more photos.
21. Cook.
22. Try Zumba.
23. Volunteer.
24. Make a few new friends.
25. Do something that scares me.

I think 25 is going to be a good year.